Wiring Adapters

50W Resistor Packs for HID
50W Resistor Packs for HID
  • Model: Add-on Resistors 50W-RSTR
  • Manufactured by: AGT



Add these 50W resistors to your HID wiring to prevent many problems such as Dash Lights, Warning lights or Flickering.

The only solution for: BMW, Mercedes, Dodge, Chrysler vehicles.

Must install one end on GROUND and one end on the LOW beam POSITIVE wire. Can be installed on exisiting relays or the wires of existing HID kits. Requires stripping some wire off your HID wiring and electrical tape.

Will work with Single Beam and Bi-xenon Kits

Will work with LEDs for turn signals that flash fast - 1 resistor per side of car


Caution: Resistors can get hot when in use. Do not mount on plastics or touch by hand.



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