Xenon HID Kit

Bi-Xenon HID Kit
Bi-Xenon HID Kit
  • Model: Bi-Xenon
  • Manufactured by: AGT

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Sold for H4 (9003) / H4H / 9004 / 9007 / 9008 / H13 type headlights only which have dual filaments inside. These type of bulbs are on vehicles that only have 1 bulb for their high and low beam.  If you need HID high beams & your vehicle uses any of these bulbs noted, then this is for you. Not sure if this is for your model? Call us. This product with its custom wiring harness will shift the bulb in your headlight creating a low beam and high beam effect.

  • AGT German Bi-xenon kits have a motor that moves the bulb up/down giving the same effect as a dual filament bulb! Best price without sacrificing the quality! All parts are tested by certified US technician before shipped out! Free replacement for any malfunction, failure or defects! No hidden fees!
  • Built-in Starter! Waterproof! No cutting or modifying! 20 minutes installation!
  • Lifetime of this HID is longer than your vehicle! 50% energy saving!
  • A 35W HID, up to 3~4 x the lumens at the source compared to a 55W halogen bulbs and longer projection distance.
  • Color that is closer to natural sunlight making it safer and clearer at night.
  • 5 times longer life span than that of the conventional light.
  • Capsule aligned to the original bulb filament, and the original beam pattern is not altered.
  • Exact size and fitting to your OEM halogen bulb. 100% Reversible.
  • 5" silicone coated wires with Silicone rubber grommet for an additional seal.
  • AMP waterproof sealed connectors.
  • Fully sealed. Full function DC 12V (9-16 volts).
  • Small size (2.75" x 2.75" x 1.25") & weather resistant Ballast.
  • Silicone sealed wiring harness Precision manufacturing ensures straight vertical alignment.
  • Exact size and fitting to your OEM power source. Polarity insensitive, therefore you can not "fry" the Ballast. Full-proof positive (+) & negative (-) specific connection.
  • Highest German Industry Standard OEM quality HID Bulb, UV cut class with AMP sealed protection system, up to 3000 hours.
  • Comes with everything you need to make the conversion for your car.
  • H4 (9003)/ H4H / 9004 / 9007 / H13 BI XENON (TELESCOPIC) - Just tell us your vehicle info below and we will send you the correct size.

Bi-xenon low and high

Why should I buy from your company? We pride ourselves on supplying you the brightest, easiest to install and most reliable HID kit on the market. Through research and development we offer you products we use in our own vehicles, true tested! We offer email and phone technical support by people who install these kits for a living, not desk workers. Each kit is packaged carefully to ensure it arrives in perfect condition. Buy with confidence from us; we are the true HID experts.

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