Cadillac HID Kit are very noticeable at night time, they are very intense, and they emit more of a cool bluish color, Cadillac has offered these xenon upgrades on almost all their vehicles. But they haven’t started this till a few years back. But there is a lot of older Cadillac’s that don’t have that option and cannot get the option through the dealer. Cadillac xenon lights are now available through an aftermarket supplier. The Kit come ready to install, and are deemed a plug and play system. All you would need to do is unplug the old halogen bulbs, plug in the new Xenon bulbs, and then after plugging in the ballasts your got HID. Cadillac HID Kit produce more output of light, compared to its predecessor the halogen bulb. It can be as much as 4 times brighter, and allows you to see 75% more of the road, with its longer and wider range of reach. With the life expectancy of 3000 hours, the conversion lighting system is definitely the better choice when it comes to automotive lighting.