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Car Interior LED Replacement Kit
Car Interior LED Replacement Kit
  • Model: Red Blue Amber White
  • Manufactured by: AGT

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Are you looking to upgrade your vehicles interior with some bright LED lighting? We offer the highest quality kit on the market with the brightest LED you have ever seen. Don’t buy cheap and DIM LED many sell at more than 2X the price? Our LED uses new SMD 3-CHIP technology along with high power LED dome lights. Depending on your vehicle model, we send you what you need to convert your interior.

Is there any cutting? No.

Are they plug and play? Yes Installation times can be as few as 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on how hard the plastic covers come off from your vehicles interior. You can also choose your color, depending on your taste.

Why update with LED?

• Save energy • Improve vehicles appearance • Long lasting • Improved light

What is included?

All necessary Dome/Map/Door LED bulbs for your vehicles interior. Some kits will include bulbs for your glove box and trunk if your vehicle is equipped. Please include Make/Model/Year below.

Your choice of interior colors:

  • White 6000K (Like HID Recommended)
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Amber=Orange


As you can see in the above example video, they are very easy to install.

What color should I choose for my kit?

If your looking for maximum brightness, then you want to choose white. The color will be similar to that of HID bulbs. Factory bulbs are around 3000K color temperature which is a bit yellow. If you choose our White 5500K, you will see more natural daylight color inside your vehicle.

Installation Guide - Click here to see installation process

If you are looking for that custom look, then choose Red, Blue or Amber. Amber is a shade of orange color.

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