Ford HID Kits dramatically increase night driving vision for all automotive drivers. Ford xenon come with two xenon bulbs, two ballasts, and wiring necessary. The bulbs are filled with xenon gas, hence the name Xenon bulbs. These bulbs react to electrical current and when ignited emit a more luminous light. Ford HID Kit also come with two ballasts. The ballasts are considered power houses for the bulbs, the regulate the electrical current and allow the xenon bulbs to receive a surge of electricity when first turning on, and then a lower steady current once they have ignited completely. Ford HID Kit are definitely the number one upgrade that should be on every ones list. The safety that it promotes is unbeatable when it comes to automotive lighting. It is definitely the weave of the future for night driving. HID Kit are a complete plug and play system for fords. Get Ford Xenon Kit for your vehicle today at the best prices.