LED Fog Lights

H10/9145 LED Bulbs White
H10/9145 LED Bulbs White
  • Model: 2x H10-21SMD-W
  • Manufactured by: AGT



Each H10/9145 LED has 21 high power HyperFlux 5050 SMD LED panels and each SMD LED panel has integrated with 3 LED emitters.

Features a pair (2) all new creation by I.P.F. from Germany AGT, the high power HyperFlux 21-LED universal-fit halogen-bulbs-replacement LED bulbs. This LED bulb is designed for direct replacement for  the stock 55W halogen fog lights or daytime running light bulbs with a low power consumption LED. There is no modification needed, simply Plug-N-Play.

This "add-up" will convert your stock yellowish halogen fog lights or high beam into a beautiful and exact 6000K Super White HID look. It will have a perfect match if you have low beam equipped with HID already.

Also it can turn your fog lights or high beam (daytime running light) into city lights.

For most ordinary LED bulbs in the market, in case the polarities of the LED bulb do not match with the stock harness power, you will end up cutting the stock harness to make it work. However with our extended wire new design, simply flip the two extended wires around, so you don't have to cut the stock wires.

Most bright LED bulb on the market!

Suitable applications:

  • Fog Light Lamps
  • Driving Lamps
  • Turn High Beam into City Light
  • Note: Since LED has low lum, due to safety reason, absolutely prohibit on low beam.

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