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Tail/Brake/Reverse Bulb LED Replacement Kit
Tail/Brake/Reverse Bulb LED Replacement Kit
  • Model: For Tail Lights
  • Manufactured by: AGT

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Complete LED bulb upgrade for your OEM tail lights of your vehicle. We take the geuss work of replacing your LED tail light bulbs. Don't worry about sizes and fitment, we include what you need with a 1 year gaurantee on the LED bulbs!

Why LED upgrade?

  • 10X Longer Life
  • No heat output - won't dull your lenses
  • Less power drain on your battery and alternator
  • No worries of burned out bulbs and less chance of getting pulled over
  • Instant on/off. Unlike regular bulbs LED turn on 5X quicker. It has been proven LED tail lights can reduce the chance of rear end collisions.

Is this a complete tail light assembly?

No, we include replacement bulbs in high-ouput quality LED technology. You just have to remove the tail light, or get access behind the tail light and change the bulbs. Can be done by most people by looking in your owners manual; however a shop can do it for you within minutes and minimal charge.

Are my tail lights going to be brighter?

In some cases the tail lights will look brighter, in others about the same. Remember, the advantage of this upgrade is mainly for less maintence and faster response time LED provides. We use premimum 13-18 SMD LED which use a 3 chip technology for maximum wide angle light.

We include the following bulbs for your model:

  • Tail light bulbs x 2 (Red)
  • Stop light bulbs x 2 (Red)
  • Back up Light x 2 (White or Blue)
  • (Option upgrade $30) 2 x Rear Turn Signal Bulbs (Amber) This kit also includes 2pc resistors, which must be wired to your factory turn signal wires to prevent a fast flash

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