GMC HID Kit are not offered through GMC as an OEM upgrade. Even though that they would be great for use on road, or when the weekend comes and you take your GMC off road for a little fun. Our GMC HID Kit illuminate the night like no other lighting system on the market. It definitely beats its predecessor, the halogen bulb, by a long shot. I would believe that most off road going drivers would like to have that option. The HID Kit allow for a longer and wider range of vision, covering almost 80% of the road ahead. GMC HID Kit are very durable and last 2000+ hours. The xenon HID bulbs are put through an intense check list of tests before actually put on the market for purchase. That is why they are of greater value to a GMC owner than the halogen bulb, which has the tendency of failing when put through a lot of vibrations. Get the best Xenon hid Kit with us and have it dropped to your door.