Hummer HID Kits are one of the easiest upgrades you can do on a hummer. Xenon conversion kits are designed to be a plug and play system. Aftermarket companies are making hid Kit available for low beam, high beam, and also fog lights. So you can have them installed on one of the three or all three options. Hummer Kits are not provided by the manufacturer as an OEM upgrade. But aftermarket HID Kits have been made for quite some time. They are very reliable and install with ease. Before an light upgrade is put in the market, the Xenon bulbs are put through a rigorous testing to make sure that they are vibration worthy. Hummer HID Kit are available in single low beam Kit, and also available in a high low beam kit. For the low beam only Kit they come complete with two xenon bulbs, two ballasts, and all the wiring necessary. The High low beam Kit come with four xenon bulbs, four ballasts and all the wiring and plugs necessary. Hummer models include the H1, H2 and the new H3.