For Nissan HID Kit the Xenon bulb is a gas filled bulb. They are called Xenon because that is the name of the gas that is used inside the bulb. It’s an odorless, colorless gas that responds to electrical current to emit a more whiter light. They generally produce three times more light then the standard halogen bulb. The light that emits also has a longer and wider range. They also use 40% less electrical current. Xenon bulbs need to be installed with a ballast. The reason is the ballast act as a power house to the bulb. It controls the follow of the electrical current to the xenon bulb. Nissan HID Xenon is a colorless odorless gas that reacts to electrical arc. That’s the reason it’s called xenon bulb. The gas emits a whiter, more luminous light; it also emits a color that emulates what the sun emits, which is more natural to the human eye. That allows for better visibility during the night, and when it’s snowing and raining. The xenon bulb emits longer and wider range of light than its predecessor the halogen bulb. We sell the best Nissan HID Kit for your vehicle.