If your a volvo owner, you want the best for your car, after all you are driving a Swedish luxury automobile. . You drive a more rare breed of vehicles with a special class. Not all volvo cars come with HID kits for their headlights. Even if you do have xenon headlights from factory on your volvo, you can install a kit in your fog lights. If you are a Volvo owner who always gets disappointed whenever you drive at night or during low visibility, you can upgrade your headlights with a Volvo HID headlights or HID Conversion Kit to get the best visibility you have always lacked. The Volvo HID Kits come with special in built feature meant to give your Swedish made Volvo car the best light ever. The Volvo HID Kit has been independently tested and proved the best Xenon light ever produced in the market. You factory built Xenon headlights could be producing very minimal light, but giving it a new boost from the Volvo HID Kit replacement bulbs and ballasts could make it gain new life for lighting your road completely. The Volvo HID Kit can be installed on your factory made Xenon headlights. Why wait to be disappointed while driving this rare breed of car instead of having its lights upgraded to enable you to get the lumen light that you need.